Albano Poli’s remarkable career is a story made of passion and hardwork that began more than 50 years ago in a small art workshop in the center of Verona.
Being passionate and imaginative, he started to design and create artistic windows and furniture. Above all, lamps, that have amazingly become the symbol of a new way of
“dressing” the light.
The particular lamps, some characterized by a contemporary design and others with a more traditional style, are now highly appreciated by antique dealers from
all over the world.
In the Veronese workshop, apart from these peculiar objects, the knowledge of the glass and the capability of working it lead to create artistic glass windows that will soon become the strongest point of the atelier. The windows, which are actual artworks, are appreciated for the preciousity and the precision of the working technique and above all for the constant interaction with the place where they will be installed.



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