A mosaic can be made with glass smalti or with stone that iscut by hand using a small hammer in order to obtain the shape and dimension wanted.

Each tessera is then placed on a “reticulum” with special glues.

In case of a big masterpiece, the mosaic is made by placing the tesserae on many panels which are then put together in such a way that the joints are not visible.

An innovative technique is the intarsio, made with big tesserae that are placed on different levels to give a sense of 3D.


01 – The smaltis or the stones are cut by hand in order to get the shape and dimension wanted
02, 03 – Looking at the mosaic, we make the mosaic sticking each tessera singularly
04 – For works where big tesserae are required, the marble is cut by water
05 – Preparation of the carton shapes for each tessera for the water-cutting.
06 – Positioning of the tesserae


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