The masterpiece is created in the mind of the artist, who makes a sketch on paper and then starts working on all details.
The idea takes shape: the piece is then well-defined by the artist who shapes the clay (01).
A silicone mold is created to get a wax model. The wax is poured into the silicone mold and it determines the final thickness of the bronze. Once the outside mold is taken away, the wax mould is then revised in all the details (02).
A reticulum of bamboo canes is made around the wax mould.
This reticulum will determine the “path” of the liquefied bronze (03).
Fire-resistant materials are put near the retilucum and the shape will then be baked for one week (04). In order to contrast the high pressure of the metal, the shapes
must be buried. Inside the mould, the wax layer evaporates and the reticulum burns, leaving space for the bronze (05).
The bronze, in ingots, is inserted in a crucible where it melts at a temperature of 1150°C (06). The bronze fills all spaces (07).
The bronzes are taken out from the ground and released from the terracotta layer (08).
Sandblast and chiseling are then performed. After that the statue is polished with French patinas following the ancient technique (09).


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